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The opening of innovative social platform “Sparkl”.

On 12th March, 2018 an innovative social platform “Sparkl”, developed by a group of Ukrainian specialists, opens free registration of users.
Sparkl is a social network of a new type with various opportunities and wide range of tools for communication. The system is available in minimal configuration in beta testing mode and in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian. The mobile version is also available.
Sparkl is a cross-platform project for users either with touch screen mobile devices (phone, tablet) or desktop computers and notebooks with ordinary and touch screens.
The key feature of the project is in structuring and presenting of the information, based on chronological time scale. All the messages are presented at the time in horizontal level. Due to this feature the user can fast, easily and conveniently surf and analyze the messages within an hour, day, month or year. Now you needn’t worry about missing of any overpast event - with Sparkl you can immediately come back to any moment from your past!
In minimal configuration of the system the following absolutely new functions are available: comment of a day and an hour, picture and rating of a day, #ShotAndGo (available in mobile version) – you can take a photo at once and post it in the network. There is also in-built visual statistics, seven groups of users privacy, sorting of messages in accordance with importance, filters and timeline settings.
These functions are also available in beta version: message rating, comments, repost, favourites, subscription to messages, gallery, chat, news and thematic channels and that is only the beginning.
Sparkl is a social network of a new type that changes the way of self-expression and communication in internet transferring it to a qualitatively different level.
The only thing you should do is visit Besides the direct registration in the system, you can register with user account of Facebook or Twitter.
Join us, it will be interesting!